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Local Artisans

As the Culture Capital of Belize, Dangriga is home to some of the country's best traditional artisans. You can find performers, jewelry makers, drum builders and much more throughout the town!

To meet even more local artisans like these, you can contact Marlon Flores, Dangriga’s expert in cultural icons!

Margaret Castillo

Contact Information:

Phone Number:   601-7449

Location/Hours:   Competes/practices at various locations throughout the year. Call for an exact schedule.

Margaret is a traditional Garifuna performer, and a very decorated one at that. She organizes / performs in a singing, dancing, and drumming group. The group has been mesmerizing locals and tourists since 2001. You can see them throughout Dangriga at various celebrations throughout the year, or see them live at Margaret’s home.

Tyron "Muffin" Lewis

Contact Information:

Phone Number(s): 661-0101; 622-8580

Hours: Anytime during the day

Tyron “Muffin” Lewis is an incredibly skilled jewelry maker. He makes a variety of jewelry, but mainly focuses on earrings. He typically uses coconuts, conch shells, and the claw of conch to create his products. After 20 years in the business, Muffin still pays attention to every detail; he spends an hour and a half at the very least on each piece. These are perfect gifts for friends and family back home. 

Austin Rodriguez

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 651-6459

Hours: typically around mid day


A self-proclaimed “Woodpecker”, Austin Rodriguez works in all things wood-related. He specializes in drum building, which he has done for nearly 40 years now. Mr. Rodriguez is renowned as a Garifuna icon for his efforts to preserve and enhance the local culture. At his two locations, visitors can purchase his pieces as well as watch the building process take place.

John Caliz

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 630-5733

Location: on the north side of Havana Creek on the bridge intersection
Hours: early morning to late at night

John Caliz is a very kind maker / seller of maracas, bowls, and boat paddles. He has been working on his craft for over 8 years, and enjoys showing visitors how he creates his art. His pieces are generously priced as well, going for $20-$25 for a pair of maracas. If not at the workshop, John’s pieces can also be seen at maraca competitions throughout the year.

Bonafacio Martinez

Contact Information: 

Phone Number: 665-7836

Hours: available with phone call every day, but travels on his bike on Mondays and Fridays

Bonafacio has been building drums, maracas, and more for nearly 25 years. He learned his skills from his grandfather. Bonafacio supplies instruments and tools for both locals and tourists alike. Made out of some of the strongest materials around, they are very high quality. You can find Bonafacio either through a phone call or out on the streets on Monday and Friday. 

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