BTIA Dangriga - Promoting sustainable tourism through the preservation of our culture and history.

BTIA (Belize Tourism Industry Association) is the private sector tourism industry association. BTIA was founded by a few people who participated in the tourism industry in Belize on a small scale. As the industry grew, so did BTIA.  It assisted its members in promoting their businesses as well as the country. Along with the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), the BTIA works to reveal the importance of tourism and to promote the industry  in the future.

For the past 20 years, BTIA Dangriga has been trying to promote Dangriga as one of the major tourism destinations in the country. Dangriga and Stann Creek has many cultural and natural resources to offer. We offer beautiful islands, great snorkeling, and fantastic diving off the main Barrier Reef as well as Glovers Atoll. We have the second largest marine reserve in Belize, located in the South Water Caye Marine Reserve. We also are in the banana belt as well as the major citrus exporter in the country. The Stann Creek district is home to the only Jaguar Reserve in the world, and visitors can enjoy spotting a large variety of birds in the rainforest. Dangriga  is also home to the Garinagu, which is a  large family of Creoles and Mayan throughout in the south. Come experience Mother Nature's Best Kept Secrets.

BTIA Directory

Accommodation Providers

Bamboo-Belize (offshore)

Email: riccizech@gmail.com

Website: https://bamboo-belize.com/

Phone #: 671-0368


Bankside Hotel (inland)

Phone #: 621-9200

Billy Hawk Caye Lodge (offshore)

Email: aamrynpipersburgh@gmail.com

Website: https://billyhawkcaye.com/

Phone #: 502-0300


Blue Marlin Beach Resort (offshore)

Email: reservations@bluemarlinbeachresort.com 

Website: bluemarlinbeachresort.com

Phone #: 522-2243 / 610-5789

Address: 14 miles Offshore Dangriga Town 

Bonefish Hotel (inland)

Email: reservations@bluemarlinbeachresort.com

Website: bluemarlinbeachresort.com/bonefish-hotel

Phone #: 522-2243 / 634-9483

Address: 15 Mahogany Street, Dangriga Town


Chaleanor Hotel (inland)

Email: info@chaleanorhotel.bz 

Website: chaleanorhotel.bz

Phone #:522-2587 / 637-0660 

Address: 4 Magoon Street, Dangriga Town


Coco Plum Island Resort (offshore)

Email: contact@cocoplumcay.com

Website: cocoplumcay.com

Phone #: 522-2200 / 678-0313

Dangriga Central Hotel (inland)

Email: dangrigacentralhotel@gmail.com

Phone #: 522-2008

D's Hostel (inland)

Email: valsbelize@yahoo.com

Website: D's Hostel (Facebook) 

Phone #: 502-3324 / 637-7684

Address: 1 Sharp Street, Dangriga Town  


Double H Guest House (inland)

Phone #: 502-2665


Fairweather’s Place (offshore)

Email: hevf7@yahoo.com

Phone #: 802-0030

Gill’s Cove (offshore)

Email: glph7gill@gmail.com

Phone #: 620-1447


Glover’s Guest House (offshore)

Email: gloversatoll@gmail.com

Phone #: 604-0487


Isla Marisol Resort (offshore)

Email: sales@islamarisolresort.com

Website: https://islamarisolresort.com

Phone #: 610-1085


International Zoological Expeditions (IZE) Belize (offshore)

Email: izebarbara@gmail.com

Website: http://www.izebelize.com

Phone #: 651-8217


Jean’s Place (offshore)

Email: soloman.43@yahoo.com

Phone #: 653-0212


Joe Jo’s By The Reef (offshore)

Email: info@joejosbythereef.com

Website: https://www.joejosbythereef.com

Phone#: 610-1647

Long Caye Adventure Camp (offshore)

Email: advisland@gmail.com

Website: https://www.slickrock.com/long-caye-glovers-reef-belize/

Phone #: 223-4129

Oceanus Cabanas (inland)

Email: sheldon.arnold@vacasa.com

Phone #: 615-8308

Off the Wall Dive Center & Resort (offshore)

Email: offthewallbelize@gmail.com

Website: offthewallbelize.com

Phone #: 532-2929

Address: Long Caye, Glover's Reef Atoll, Belize

Pal's Guest House (inland)

Email: palsguesthouse@gmail.com

Website: http://palsbelize.net/ 

Phone #: 660-4263

Address: 868 A Magoon Street, Dangriga

Pelican Beach Resort (inland)

Email: sales@pelicanbeachbelize.com

Website: pelicanbeachbelize.com

Phone #: 522-2044 

Address: 1 Pen Road, Dangriga Town

Pelican Beach Resort - South Water Caye (offshore)

Email: sales@pelicanbeachbelize.com

Website: southwatercaye.com

Phone #: 532-2391

Address: 1 Pen Road, Dangriga Town

Reef's End Lodge (offshore)

Email: reefsend@gmail.com

Website: http://reefsendlodge.com/

Phone #: 676-8363

Royal Belize Vacations (offshore)

Email: billposton@muy-uno.com

Website: https://www.royalbelize.com/

Phone #: 672-6970

Ruthie's Cabanas (inland)

Phone #: 502-3184

Thatch Caye Resort (offshore)

Email: info@thatchcayebelize.com

Website: https://thatchcayebelize.com/?msclkid=570c70815b851524d43a2dadb4770584

Phone #: 532-2414


The Windward Lodge (offshore)

Email: bookings@tclodgebelize.com

Website: https://www.windwardlodgebelize.com/

Phone #: 663-2041


Tobacco Caye Paradise (offshore)

Email: info@tobaccocaye.com

Website:  http://tobaccocaye.com/

Phone #: 532-2101


TREES (The Toucan Ridge Ecology & Ed. Society) ((offshore))

Phone #: 610-5486


Weyohan Hotel (inland)

Email: lingling12345678@hotmail.com

Phone #: 522-2388

Yok Ha Resort (Offshore)

Email: info@yokhabelizeresort.com

Website: yokhabelizeresort.com

Phone #: 522-3802 / 610-0514

Address: Waterfoot Caye 


Tour Operators

Roam Belize Shuttles, Tours & Car Rental (inland)

Email: info@roambelize.com

Website: roambelize.com

Phone #: 522-2328 / 630-7870

Address: Mile 4, Dangriga Town, Stann Creek


Untame Belize (inland)

Email: untamebelize@gmail.com

Website: untamebelize.com

Phone #: 671-5281

Address: 12 miles Pomona Village

Transportation Providers 

Angel Falls Xtreme Adventures

Email: luis@angelfallsbelize.com

Phone #: 615-6003



Belize Adventure Group

Email: andy@belizeadventuregroup.com

Phone #: 676-7676



CD’s Tours & Charter

Email: breddadavid@gmail.com

Phone #: 602-3077

Cultural Icons Belize (inland)

Email: culturaliconbelize@gmail.com

Phone #: 630-6806

Address:  Pomona, Stann Creek

Live Belize

Email: angel_f_lopez@hotmail.com

Phone #: 635-7221

Mayan World Destinations (inland)

Email: info@mayanworlddestinations.com

Website: mayanworlddestinations.com

Phone #: 523-3061

Address:  21-1/2 Miles Southern Highway

Fyah Fishing (inland) 

Email: njfishing3@gmail.com

Website: Nolan Jackson (Facebook) 

Phone #: 671-3009

Address: 26 Oak street, Dangriga Town 


Gingini Charters & Tours (inland)

Email: tyrone.nunez@gmail.com

Phone #: 600-7940

Address: 2 Isla Road, Dangriga Town 

James Bus Line

Email: bryant81lwilliams@gmail.com

Phone #: 671-2756

Maya Island Air 

Email: swift@mayaislandair.com

Phone #: 615-5734

Tropic Air

Email: dianaperera@tropicair.com

Phone #: 620-7751

Cultural Attractions

Gulisi Museum

Phone #: 605-2946

Website: https://ngcbelize.org/muesum/


Ignacio Cacho Library

Email: bdmarin39@hotmail.com

Phone #: 669-5224


Marie Sharp’s Fine Foods Factory

Email: fierylady70@yahoo.com

Phone #: 522-2370


NICH Stann Creek House of Culture

Email: schch@nichbelize.org

Phone #: 663-2672

Pen Cayetano Studio Gallery

Email: ingrid@cayetano.de

Phone #: 628-6807


Sabal’s Ereba Cassava Factory

Email: cyrilsabal@yahoo.com

Phone #: 627-6136


Wahima Beach

Email: schadwick0910@yahoo.com

Phone #: 604-2965


Steadfast Tourism & Conservation Assoc.

Phone #: 607-8664

Food & Beverages

Senor Ceviche

Email: patriciaaraceliross@gmail.com

Phone #: 602-8483


Tuani Garifuna Restaurant & Bar (inland)

Email: tuanigarifuna@gmail.com

Website: Tuani Garifuna (Facebook) 

Phone #: 502-0287 / 670-8297

Address: 1734 Southern Foreshore, Dangriga


Local Wine Maker

Email: roycayetano@gmail.com

Phone #: 610-1860


Cookbook Author

Phone #: 522-2385

Alexie’s Restaurant

Email: che385@yahoo.com

Phone #: 674-2181


King Burger

Email: rositalopezholness54@gmail.com

Phone #: 665-7120


Island Breeze Bar & Grill

Email: chris_zab@msn.com

Phone #: 669-3087


Riverside Café

Phone #: 620-2025

Event Venues

Ocean View Restaurant & Bar                                          Slaughter House Restaurant & Events

Email: oceanviewrestarauntbelize@gmail.com                                   Phone #: 615-7729

Phone #: 615-1934