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Dangriga is known as the cultural capital of Belize.  Here you can immerse into the community and be a local.  

Palmento Grove Cultural Center

Palmento Grove is a cultural hub for learning about Garifuna drumming, dancing, and art. Here you can experience the cultural and culinary through their various tours and tutorials. It is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the traditional Garifuna culture. If you are visiting during a full moon check out the Drumming on the Freshwater Bioluminescence for an eye opening experience.

Dangriga Cultural Tour

This in an off the beaten path tour that allows you to immerse yourself with the true locals at the picturesque little town of Dangriga which still remains undiscovered – no fancy resorts or restaurants just authentic local cuisine and people! Contact your accommodation for more information or check out the tour companies that offer it!

Gulisi Garifuna Museum 

The museum has multiple interactive exhibits on the Garifuna Culture. This includes traditional drumming, spiritual beliefs, and much more. In 2001, UNESCO declared that the Garifuna language, music, and dance were important contributions to the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The Museum is open from 10am to 5pm, Monday-Fridays and from Saturday from 8am to 12pm. Entrance fee is 10BZ for non-residents and 5BZ for locals. Learn about Garifuna today!

Made in Dangriga

Discover authentic crafts made from a variety of natural products by local artisans. This  includes handmade jewelry, Garifuna drums, marachas, mini doreys, bowls, baskets, ethnic dolls, grata, jankunu masks, shells, and cassava brushes.

Settlement Day 

Garifuna Settlement Day celebrates the arrival of the first Garinagu on Belizean shores back in the 1800s. All-night parties leading up to the November 19 holiday that takes place around the country, along with cultural reenactment ceremonies. Garifuna villages like Dangriga, Hopkins, and Punta Gorda really come alive during Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations. The cultural home of Garifuna is Dangriga—and the ideal spot if you want to experience Belize's biggest celebration.

Inaugurated in 2003, Ignacio Cacho Library is a product of the contributions of many kind and giving people, namely Mr. Cornelius Cacho who donated the land. The library receives books from both local and international suppliers. Likewise, it is open to both local and foreign readers!

Ignacio Cacho Library
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